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About hotel photography

In the digital age, travelers are increasingly booking their hotel via Internet portals or directly via the website. Therefore, it is more important than ever to emphasize the relatively wide range of available rooms of exclusive or unique hotels by interesting and unusual images that catch attention of potential guests. In order to address the emotional level of your target group, it is no longer sufficient to document the equipment and size of the rooms, the in-house restaurant, the fitness room, etc. in technically perfect, but sterile and interchangeable pictures in order to catch up with the relevant competitors. Since design, interior and decoration are always an expression of the style and character of the owners or the philosophy and culture of a company, it is therefore important to present this uniqueness in adequate, and in particular emotionally appealing, images that emphasize these individual style elements.

We offer a rather unconventional imagery, with interesting alternative perspectives and, above all, also consider selected elements, objects and details as well as special moments of light and shadow that make the viewer curious, animate the further discovery of your house and thus increase the probability of a room reservation. Of course, due to our other activities, we are also predestined for fantastic shots of landscapes and sights in your area, which increase the attractiveness of your house.

We are interested in uncomplicated cooperations with interesting hotels and guesthouses in very different sizes and styles that are in the mood for a visual reinterpretation of all facets of their house.

Interested? We look forward to your non-binding inquiry and maybe to an exciting cooperation!

Tina & Horst Herzig