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About fine art prints

Today, for many, vacation means a break from everyday life, from modern life – and more and more often this is also associated with the desire to find a little bit back to nature and to oneself during this time.

These days, interior designers and/or creative hosts create fantastic holiday homes in many holiday destinations in old walls or in modern, spectacular or puristic buildings. Room concepts with design objects, stylish furniture and unusual decorations set cool or exclusive accents and offer a stylish ambience to a discerning audience. However, we believe that guest rooms and other hotel-specific spaces can only create a truly atmospheric spatial experience with extraordinary, inspiring, sometimes poetic murals. Only a congenial thematic connection between the natural outside world and the staged inside world through adequate wall design creates pure holiday enjoyment.

We are not a gallery, we only offer our own pictorial works, which have been created during our numerous trips in recent years and visually interpret nature and the world in our very own visual language. We cannot and do not want to compete with the meanwhile innumerable online suppliers of so-called cheap photographic art and posters, who offer some interesting pictures in addition to occasionally banal and interchangeable motifs. However, this can be found thousands of times and everywhere in waiting rooms, living rooms, offices, etc. On the other hand, we offer high-quality, strictly limited motifs, which can also be signed by us on request, which are not offered anywhere else and therefore fit perfectly with extraordinary holiday homes in the upper price segment.

Our portfolio of fine art prints mainly includes fascinating motifs from the incredible spectrum of nature. Mystical mountain landscapes and forests, bizarre trees, fragile and abstract leaves and floral beauties, etc. show the creative power of nature in all its facets and let guests feel the incredible magic of life, both large and small, not only in alpine regions. In coastal regions, our collections offer very different forms of the element water and atmospheric and stylish pictures of beach chairs, bathing huts, swimming pools, lighthouses, fishing boats, etc., which embody our longing for the sea in all their diversity, perfect motifs for a maritime ambience in guest rooms , in the restaurant etc. Our minimalist architecture collection of interesting buildings mainly from the 20th century, on the other hand, fits perfectly with modern urban style. Of course, our pictures can also be combined across themes, in color or according to other exciting aspects.

The prices for our high-quality fine art prints depend on the size, number and type/material of the prints. Be inspired by our selection and make us a non-binding offer. On request, we will also be happy to advise you on the design and implementation of an appropriate wall design concept. Or would you like to set new, extraordinary accents in your premises with very special motifs from your immediate surroundings? We are also open to this and can deliver a comprehensive visual reinterpretation of your region on request. Art has many, sometimes surprising faces – this is exactly how you create a truly unique, incomparable ambience.

Interested? We look forward to your non-binding inquiry and maybe to an exciting cooperation!

Tina & Horst Herzig